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All New Licensed Maserati: The Latest in Baby Luxury
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All New Licensed Maserati: The Latest in Baby Luxury

If you’re looking for an unrivaled ride, look no further. Elegant Electronix is now selling licensed Maseratis. Much like their full size counterparts, these high-class ride on cars for kids are remarkably rare in the United States, rendering your baby the most bougie on the block.

The Maserati is perfect for tots ages 3-8 and can reach speeds of 2 miles per hour. The current models come with an mp3 player and select children’s songs so that your little one can learn while listening. For nighttime rides through the neighborhood, the car boasts bright beams, an ambient blue inside carriage, and radiant rims. Select models come with an in-car television and allow for the option of a custom silver paint job.

Exceptionally less expensive than a full size Maserati but still sporting the Maserati swag, prices are $399 without the TV, $449 with TV, and $499 with TV and silver paint job.

So, let your child whiz on by in some new wheels. Order one of these limited models today.

About Jr Motors

JR Motors is a local, family company, founded in Harvey as Elegant Electronix (on the Westbank) in 2013, by the father-son team of Ahmad and Alan Ayyad. We specialize in the sale of toys that help children explore our modern world with a little more pizazz. Our luxury brand style remote-controlled ride on cars for boys and girls light up the faces of little ones nationwide. Our elegant, electric cars for kids are available in twenty models and are most suitable for children ages 1-6.

Select models may come with LED lighting, televisions, MP3 players, and /or leather seats. All vehicles come with 5-point seatbelts to ensure infant safety and
adjustable seats that allow the car toy to grow with the child. Elegant Electronix offers a 90-day guarantee that does not cover water damage or physical harm. If you’re looking for cars for toddlers or kids ride on toys, be sure to check out our current inventory.

As always, for more information on Jr Motors and its child ride on cars, as well as its other products, check us out and follow us on social media
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jrmotors_usa/

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