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Jr Motors Kids Cars...Not Just a Toy Car
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Jr Motors Kids Cars...Not Just a Toy Car

Jr. Motors Ride-on Cars have multiple uses. Even though it is a kids electric car first, it can also be your entertainment retreat, a babysitter and more!


Now, you might be thinking that the toy can be an all in one tool for you and it can save you a lot of money in the long run, that's not what we mean. Let’s see what other alternative uses these cars have.

1) Entertainment

Entertainment is a key aspect of life. During your activities around the house, you can either rely on the stereo system installed in your house that can wake up every one or you could use the mobile audio system of these cars. It gives off a pleasant sound and you can easily drive it around with the help of the car’s remote control.


2) Babysitter



Yes! You read that correctly! Our luxury kids cars can also be used as a babysitter. Especially the ones with the touchscreen TV on board. Babies and kids love to sit in the car and watch their favorite shows, listen to their favorite music, and learn with our included lessons!


3)Mobile Audio System

As explained above, your toy car can become your mobile audio system. So, next time you throw a party or celebrate a birthday, you can always rely on this system. Besides, it might turn out to be a status symbol for you. Who gets mobile audio systems these days anyway?



4) Luxury Misc. Use

Since you can use its seat, you can carry anything in it around your house and serve it to your guests. Adding a surprise factor to it, you could plan on carrying a birthday cake in the toy car, or proposing to your significant other with the help of this car. Eitherway, both ideas will leave your clients flabbergasted.

5) Model your Real Car

Since our toy models are licensed versions of their real counterparts, you can use them to see how the application of a certain thing on them will look. That way, you can model your car appropriately without screwing up things. So, next time you wish to spice up your real car with a decal or vinyl, use these toy versions for reference

6) Cars for Pets

Just for the fun of it, you can buy these cars for your pets, too. That can come in handy especially if your pet is handicapped. That way, you won’t have to carry them around.


Jr. Motors electric kid and now pet cars are indeed versatile when it comes to its uses. It can equally be used by adults for all the right purposes stated above, by kids for fun, and by pets for getting around the house.

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