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Jr Motors shares the joy of ride-on cars with Children's Hospital NOLA
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Jr Motors shares the joy of ride-on cars with Children's Hospital NOLA

Most of the Jr Motors team grew up with parents who made many sacrifices to give their children a better life, and during childhood, we remember the times we spent with our families as the most cherished.

As most fortunate children, we often received gifts from our parents, and those days were some of the best of our lives, but at Jr Motors we realize that giving a gift feels just as great if not better than receiving one.



The entire Jr Motors staff have the same answer to the question: what is your favorite part of the job? It’s the kids, and they way they light up after getting in their Jr Motors ride-on cars for the first time.



After a few years in the business of helping kids and their families come together, some of the Jr Motors staff stumbled on a news story where hospital nurses used ride-on cars to help their young patients; we liked the idea so much we wanted in on the fun.

We contacted the Child Life Department at the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans, and we got to work.

Jr Motors team members and Children’s Hospital staff got together August 24 to present a handful of cars to CHNOLA’s Child Life Department and their patients.

Julie, one of the Child Life specialists at the event, said she liked our 4-door model the most. 

“I like it the most because you can remove the front seat, so our bigger patients— or a patient with a cast— can fit in it,” Julie said.

The cars are going to be used by young patients and their families to and from procedures, Julie said. 

“Today, we're going to have a little fun,” Julie said.

Racing on a looped course, patients at the Children’s Hospital and their family members got to see first hand how Jr Motors ride-on cars can light up a kids face.

Jr Motors owner, New Orleans native Mohammad “Moe” Ayyad, embraced the idea, and looked forward to the event.

“Looking for a ride-on car for my daughter, I was able to find something safe and fun enough for my daughter Sarah, and I wanted to share that with other families,” Moe said. “The reason we’re here today is because I think we can help the kids here at Children’s Hospital and their families by sharing that with them.”

Patients, their families, and their caretakers at Children’s Hospital in New Orleans seemed to enjoy the ride-cars at the event, and Jr Motor ride-on cars features help them keep them safe.

Jr Motors’ ride-on cars come equipped with five-point harness to keep kids safe and slow stop and go technology to keep things smooth. All the Jr Motors ride-on cars donated to the hospital have remote controls that the staff can use to keep the kids safe; remote controls also have three different speed settings that can help the patients obey the speed limits.

However, the kids and their family might have a different favorite feature. The touch-screen TVs in our fully loaded ride-on cars play nursery rhymes, educational videos, and music. The sound-system in other models has an auxiliary cable port, and all cars have a microSD card and USB ports.

Amongst all they different ways for children to enjoy Jr Motors ride-on cars and all the features they can have, the best way to enjoy them is sharing them with others. Here is a video of the event: https://youtu.be/hc0cFZwnBMA

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