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Onboard Mp3 Player Feature in all Models
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Onboard Mp3 Player Feature in all Models

 Jr. Motors Ride-on Cars are indeed miniature licensed versions of the bigger names in the automobile sector. Owing to this fact, all kids car models are fixated with features that can be found on their larger counterparts. But of course, they are made safer and according to the age of a child anywhere between 7 months to 7 years.


 One of our unique features is the Mp3 Player


Mp3 Player - Why is it necessary?

We’re talking about children here. The beings that are amused by anything melodious. As a parent, you must have noted that Jr. Motors Ride-on Cars also takes that into account and equips the cars with an adequate audio system.


The system can be used to play your child’s favorite songs allowing them to enjoy the ride even more. It is placed inside the car. However, in order to keep everything safe and give you complete control of what your child listens to, it is mainly an AUX cable input with speakers situated inside the car.

Auxilliary Cable input

AUX Cable is not a new phenomenon, and you know this. You might have tried this in your own car for playing your favorite tracks that are stored on your mobile device. Our mini kids cars comes with a similar system. You only have to connect your device to the audio system of the car via a cable.


Now, this might sound a bit too much, but it sure gives you complete control over what your child listens to. Even if your kid is not riding or throwing a baby fit , you can use their favorite car to calm them down by playing something. Speakers

The speakers installed in our toy cars are of high quality. They are not shrill or too loud, but at the same time, they play just fine. You can control the volume level from your phone.


The speakers are designed to produce audio that does not create havoc for everyone around the house.


These MP3 system of the can also play music from any Micro SD or USB Flash Drive you have.


As you can see, every little detail has been taken into consideration in designing the audio system of our electric cars. Unlike other toy cars, your child will not complain about Jr Motors Ride-on Cars because their details resemble their bigger and real versions.


Your kid’s electric car can be a blessing for you too. When he or she is taking interest elsewhere, you can use the car as your own stereo set to play your music a little loud while you’re working, exercising, or doing some other activity around the house.

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