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We Now Offer Layaway!

The holiday season is coming, and one of our luxury RC Electric Ride on Cars will be the perfect gift for babies and kids ages 1-6!

We understand that it may be difficult to find a place to hide your kid’s gift for two months, so now we can hold the car for you through our online layaway program.
We can make a customized payment plan for you and hold the exact model that your baby wants! Through our layaway program, you do not have to worry about the item selling out and not being able to get your baby their dream car!

With a $100 down payment, we can reserve the power wheel of your choice and ship it when the payment plan is complete or on the date you choose!
The way that it works is we email you a customized PayPal invoice that you can manage with your Paypal account or with any credit/debit card. If you have interest in starting a layaway, send us a message on our Facebook page, on the website contact form, or call us! We will be happy to make a customized plan for you!

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