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What makes Jr Motors ride-on cars safer than others? Five safety features you'll want to know about.
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What makes Jr Motors ride-on cars safer than others? Five safety features you'll want to know about.

Jr Motors Ride-On Cars’ Safety Features

It is every child’s dream to hop in a car and act all grown up. Ride-on cars do make the best, albeit expensive gifts, but many parents are unaware that using a machine like this at such an early age, with parental supervision, of course, can help in boosting a child’s cognitive and psychomotor skills.

Even though ride-on cars are made particularly for children, one can never be too careful. Any vehicle could pose a threat to your child’s safety without the essential safety features and parental control options in place. 

Here are the different ride-on safety features that are incorporated in Jr Motors Ride-on cars:



Having the right harness is our most important safety feature. Most of our ride-on cars come with a 5-point harness, but some cars for little children come with a 3-point harness as well.

The key difference lies in the number of straps used to harness the child into the seat. As the name suggests, a 5-point harness has two straps over the baby’s shoulders, the other two secure their hips, and one is routed between the legs. On the other hand, the 3-point harness has a strap going between the legs and secures the shoulders, but there is nothing to secure the baby’s hips. In short, more straps = more safety.


Adjustable seats

Our cars are not only meant to provide a fun and thrilling experience to your baby. Safety and comfort are the two basic elements that we work on. Our cars come with adjustable seats which are made of high-quality material to ensure your little one’s comfort while driving our ride-on car.

This way, you can choose if your child can access the steering wheel and other controls.


Remote Control

Our cars provide you with the option of remote control that comes in handy if your child is not tall or old enough to control drive themselves.

Remote control cars provide drivers with extra safety because this way a parent can stop or steer the car at the right time to prevent a crash. Remotes can be used to override the controls used by the kids in their ride-on cars.


Override Driver Controls & Speed Settings

Our rides with remote controls not only provide extra safety but give override driver control to parents too. If your child is too young to operate our ride-on cars, our override driver controls let parents take control of the vehicle and drive it around while your child enjoys.



Safe Stop and Slow Technology

At Jr Motors, safety and fun go hand in hand. Our ride-on cars offer speed between 2.5 to 5 mph, which is pretty cool for a little child. It offers a thrilling experience and when a child gets comfortable enough, they can increase the speed, while staying within safe limits.


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