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Military Jeep 3 Seater With Parental Remote Control

Jr Motors USA
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  • This Product is ASTM F963 Compliant (Standard Consumer Safety Specification for Toy Safety)
  • New Feature: Extra large Jeep with three seats 
  • New Feature: Now equipped with 4 motors with 4 wheel drive
  • New Feature: Bluetooth connectivity now available on the mp3 player
  • The mp3 player can also play music via aux, SD card or a USB flash drive
  • Extended 12v battery and 4 motors for riding through grass etc.
  • Spare tire and accessories like shovel included 
  • EVA tires instead of traditional plastic tires. EVA is a material similar to rubber 
  • Remote control and manual function
  • Pre-assembled leaving only a few minor steps for assembly completion
  • Suitable for ages 1-6 
  • Front: 2 seats for 2 kids below the age of three or can be used as a one seater for an older child up to age 6 Back: one seat for one child up to age 4-5 
  • This item does not ship internationally
  • This item does not ship to Hawaii or Alaska
  • This product is NOT WATERPROOF

This Item Ships to the contiguous United States

Please allow 3-7 days for your order to arrive.

All warranty claims must be submitted to our company at least 5 days BEFORE your warranty period is over.

Follow your manual for the appropriate charging time.

Be careful not to let moisture get in touch with any electrical compartment of your vehicle.

Use the included handle and secondary wheels for easy transportation

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